What If "House" Became a Scifi Videogame?

Monday night, House tipped its hat to scifi geeks everywhere in the episode "Epic Fail," where giant alien bird people attack the hospital. Even worse, a patient uses the internet to diagnose himself. Spoilers!

After the epic fail of allegedly heartwarming two-part season opener "Broken," it was great to see House getting back on track this week. Patient-of-the-week is this guy you see in the clip, a videogame designer who has come down with a weird kind of organ failure that leads to the usual bewildering array of symptoms. Including, when he gets a fever, hallucinating that the entire hospital (along with Foreman and Number 13) has turned into his videogame. I love the scifi version of Foreman, though 13 doesn't turn out very well.


Some of the best scenes come when the patient decides to use "the wisdom of crowds" to diagnose himself when the team can't do it right away. He posts a $25 thousand dollar reward online for the first person to guess what's wrong with him - which, as you can imagine, leads to hilarious rounds of epic fail. The one good outcome is that his post eventually sucks House back into the team. Though House is trying to quit his job - he thinks it drives him to drugs - he cheats and starts diagnosing people online. And his first diagnosis is alien bird guy here.

Welcome back, House. Glad to have you back on the team, proving that the crowd is only wise when Gregory House is part of it.

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They should just make all the episodes take place in that video game world. I would totally watch a medical drama about a curmudgeonly lizard-man in a space suit trading verbal japes with a bird-woman in a run-down alien hospital.