What If Game Of Thrones Was A Classic Sitcom?

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The opening credits would probably look something like this. We're so excited about the return of Game of Thrones on Sunday, we asked our friend Garrison Dean to imagine what the show would look like if it was a classic 1970s-1980s sitcom. But what he came up with was way more insane than we ever expected.

You might remember Garrison Dean's amazing 1980s version of Firefly's opening credits, from a few years ago. But this reimagined Game of Thrones is even more bonkers, partly because you can sort of imagine it as a happy Medieval Times jousty comedy... See more of his videos here.

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This raises a question I always have about TV—when people ask why I don't watch Breaking bad or didn't watch Friends or Sopranos or MadMen or what-have-you—basically anything since I left home for college—I always ask people if they had a time machine and could go to any place, would they spend hours a day watching TV? They usually say no, and that they'd be out seeing interesting sights and events and stuff and I say—well, that's how I feel about today—I'd rather hang out shnogging on pretty people, learning from smart people, go running, train for a marathon, read a book or comic, MAYBE see a movie. Right now is special and crazy—a time full of upheaval and injustice and wonder and change.

If you had a time machine and could go back to the sixties would you watch All in the Family? Or the Jeffersons every week? Or The Mary Tyler Moore Show? Or would that seem sort of silly because now you can see the gaps in quality? The dated-ness?

Everyone says, well, this TV is different, this TV is amazing, but that's EXACTLY how previous generations felt about their TV shows—which leads me to think it's not so much the quality of the show as it is about watching a story unfold along with a large portion of the population. When my sister finally convinced me to watch an episode of Six Feet Under I was like, wow—this isn't my thing. I hadn't fallen into the rhythm of the thing or the humor. It just felt like TV, and to really appreciate it, you need to watch and watch. They don't call it programming for nothing.