What If Game Of Thrones Came Out In The 1960s?

What if Game of Thrones came out in the '60s and legendary graphic designer Saul Bass (the mind behind the title sequences for Psycho, Ocean's 11, and North by Northwest) created the opening titles? It would probably look a lot like this.

German designer Milan Vuckovic re-created the movie stylings of Saul Bass (along with a little flair of their own) to create a totally swinging Game of Thrones opening sequence. It's wildly entertaining and really, really well done. Dammit you guys, just when we think fanart for Game of Thrones can't be topped, you top it. Well done.

[via Laughing Squid and Reddit]

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If it were the 1960s, it would Star Jackie Gleason, not Jack Gleeson ;)