What If Doctor Seuss Drew All 13 Doctor Who Incarnations?

Illustration for article titled What If Doctor Seuss Drew All 13 iDoctor Who/i Incarnations?

Doctors Who and Seuss blend together in a new work by Seussian mashup maestro DrFaustusAU. Oh, the times and places they'll go!


Head over to deviantART where he also has his illustrations formatted as storybook pages. Now we need a poem about the Doctors written in anapestic tetrameter.

The Doctors Who [DrFaustusAU on deviantART via Geeks are Sexy]

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Is it rude to go poo

With an ood on the loo?

And you've come unglued

Don't know what to do?

Then get on the horn and call Doctor Who

With TARDIS in check, he'll come hitherto

A Time Lord, our saviour, to the rescue

To dazzle us all with his brainy kung fu

Mad gadgets galore, and a big sonic screw

To the bottom of the problem, the quick witted gumshoe

No stone left unturned and your cupboards askew

When he finally deduces there's an Ood on your loo

He say, "Please ask him to stand."

Then bid you adieu