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Sick of looking at an iced cake and wondering what could be inside? I-cakes, one of the innovative products designed by artist Marti Guixé, are for you. The inside is delicious cake. The outside is a pie chart indicating what ingredients are inside.

Isn't food terribly inefficient? What's inside a cake, pie, or covered pastry? Why do so many foods require forks? For that matter, why do so many foods require hands? Marti Guixé, a Catalonian designer, has taken to creating special food meant to end this tiresome lack in proper food planning. One of the best innovations is I-cake. This cake design is meant to settle people's minds as to the composition of the cake. Each cake contains a regular frosting, but also pie-shaped wedges of color with allow people to see what kind of filling, and how much of each kind of filling, is in each cake. A chocolate-frosted yellow cake with raspberry filling between slices would then have a chocolate frosting, a large wedge of yellow, and a smaller wedge of red. A carrot cake would have a strip of orange frosting. I would suggest a kind of code - a strawberry segment or half-raspberry to indicate which red the stripe is, or a sprinkling of nuts to tell people whether the carrot cake includes them - but this is the kind of technology that should catch on.


Guixé also has innovations like a sake bottle with an edible cork and a napkin as a label, a post-it potato chip, and a hands-free lollipop that rests firmly on a tripod of sticks instead of just one. There's even a fortune cookie that lets you pick your fortune depending on where you break it. Check out more food technology at Guixé's site.

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