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In an alternate reality 1992, the creators of Batman: The Animated Series were approached by Lucasfilm to rejigger their cartoon such that the show would A.) make a thrillion dollars; and B.) not make a lick of sense whatsoever.


Dean Fraser's Star Wars : Empire of the Bat character designs are seemingly artifacts from that parallel dimension. Here are the characters' names (from left to right, click on the above to expand). I'm still holding out for Mr. Frwampa, Maxie Greedo, Ewokwoman, Boba al Ghul, Poison Sarlacc, IG-Chill, and the Killer Rancordile:

- Darth Bat
- Emperor Joker
- Luke Nightwalker
- Robin-2D2
- C3P-Alfred
- Obi-Wan Gordon
- Rene Mon-Solo
- Chew-Bullock
- Princess Bat-Leia
- Harley Yoda
- Penguin the Hutt


[Via Buzzfeed]

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