What if "At The Mountains of Madness" was an Italian educational cartoon?

This nifty cartoon by a group of Italian filmmakers distills H.P. Lovecraft's Antarctic misadventure novella into a 30-minute film. The film's subtitled and the animation's not super-complex, but it zips through the story, and some of the visuals are squirm-inducing.


In any case, think of it as a consolation prize for Guillermo del Toro's adaptation not getting off the ground. Plus, it's hard to complain about a cartoon Cthulhu-spawn eating a T-Rex. That's like catnip for me.

[Via Topless Robot]


Derek C. F. Pegritz

Ugh. This doesn't even get a D for effort. I've seen better productions from 14-year-olds in gifted classes playing around with paper dolls, a scanner, and a pirated copy of Final Cut. Admittedly, though, the *music* is surprisingly effective. Its amorphous quality reminds me a good bit of the soundtrack to John Carpenter's The Thing—obviously an influence—but not quite as subtle. Nonetheless, it works. Too bad everything else about the production is utterly juvenile.