What if Alien was a Hong Kong horror movie?

In the gleefully gory 1986 Chow Yun-Fat horror flick The Seventh Curse (trailer), a heroic cursed police officer must battle an evil cult that makes juice out of babies for unholy blood rituals.


In one scene, the heroes encounter a possessed corpse that immediately transforms into a hybrid between a xenomorph and a gargoyle. It's weird enough on its own, but just wait until 2:27 rolls around. Not even going to bother explaining that. Also, the explosive ending is pretty clutch.

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John Hazard

That would have been way more interesting if it had been bright enough to see anything.

Why was the monster so deadly to some people, but could barely scratch the main characters?

Now I want to see this baby-juice making.

UPDATE: saw it. THAT was f-ed up!