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Bruce Campbell is definitely done making cameos in Sam Raimi's Spider-Man movies - but that doesn't mean he's done with the webcrawler. Just the opposite, in fact; Raimi is confirming a "meaty role" for the actor in Spider-Man 4.


Talking to MTV, Raimi confirmed what Campbell himself had told Access Hollywood last month:

I promised him we would write something because I really love putting him in the pictures... I promised him a good, meaty role.


Don't go assuming that this means that those Mysterio (or, for those enjoying the "All of Campbell's earlier cameos are the same person" idea, the Chameleon) rumors are true, though, because Raimi also admitted, "I don't even know what [the role] is yet." We're pulling for an unlikely time travel twist that will show Campbell as an older Peter Parker, just because we'd love to see he and Maguire try and ape each other for ninety minutes.

Sam Raimi Confirms Bruce Campbell Will Have 'Meaty Role' In 'Spider-Man 4' [MTV Splash Page]

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