What happens when two chatbots try to seduce each other

Brandon Boyer was constantly being hit up by chatbots on his instant message client, and then he decided to try an experiment: What if he fed them to each other? So two of them could have a conversation amongst themselves. This is what it looks like when bots try to seduce each other:

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Writing in the Awl, Boyer explains how this happened: "I sat down and started copying/pasting the responses of one sexbot into the window of the other to see if we could spark some fireworks—a lot of which is what you can read there."

As to what he learned from this experiment, Boyer says:

The most interesting part for me was learning that AIM sexbots are set up to try and tell a complete and compelling story... That is: overeager and lonely/bored 20-something girl chats up unwitting stranger, instantly "feels a little naughty," tries to engage in a little sexy banter, but quickly gets so overwhelmed that they need to rush to their conveniently adjacent cam-girl setup to continue the conversation there.


The interesting thing is, these were bots representing two different websites. But they apparently had the same code. Who's writing this sexbot code, and how long before it gets more Turing Test-proof? [The Awl]

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It's like the dumbest version of Neuromancer ever made.