What Happens to a Succubus in a Prison Run by Amazons?

Lost Girl, the Canadian show about a succubus detective, began its third season on Syfy last night with a bang. Spoilers ahead! Our hero Bo got herself locked up in the clink to do some undercover work — but not until after we got to see this awesome "girls in prison" moment. I love all the prison guards dressed in Mad Max gear, and the fact that all the prisoners wear tight red jumpsuits with super tall wedge sandals.

Later, Bo's bestie Kenzi pretends to be Bo's girlfriend so she can pass her a little item that will help Bo escape. But not until after they talk about truckstop thongs and have an awesome kiss. (Is this a first? Kenzi is completely straight so she's never gotten any Bo action before.)


Oh, and in other news? Bo might be going darkside, but she and geeky doctor Lauren are in love for real. Meanwhile, wolf boy Dyson is pining after Bo. And Dyson's former detective partner, Hale, has become the new Ash. That's right — Hale is the leader of the light fae. Or rather, the interim leader. And Trick was wearing a sexy new black shirt.

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