What happens at the Symfrozium, a one-day academic conference on the movie Frozen? More than you’d think. Dorian Lynskey at The Guardian recaps the many different, but scrupulously polite, views of the movie.


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The Final Days of Gawker Have Come

My only comment is to echo one made more eloquently before me:

1) Frozen was highly atypical in that it had two strong female leads, without the need for princely rescues, unlike virtually every animated film ever.

2) Frozen made more money than God.

3) Why has their not been a flood of Frozen knock-offs? Any other idea is immediately ripped off and replicated, so female driven children’s movies should be ordered 3 years deep, yes?

It’s like the suits still think Frozen is an outlier, a popular property but certainly not because of girl power.