What Franchise Should Joss Whedon Take Over?

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We're still sad that we'll never get to see Joss Whedon's Wonder Woman movie. After all, he's created some of the most memorable science fiction universes, including the space-western Firefly and his forthcoming programmable-amnesiac show Dollhouse. We'd still like to see Joss put his auteur-mojo to work on someone else's universe. Which longstanding science fiction universe would you most love to see Joss writing, directing and composing the theme song for?


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This is only modestly off-topic, but it's hilariously interesting.

Why is it whenever everyone achieves a modicum of status, there must be a knot of people, usually located on the internet, who insist on going around decrying them? Seriously, everything that's even remotely popular anywhere has a knot of people who have to go around screaming "It's over-rated and actually sucks and (insert series that the person likes) is WAY better!"

If you don't like it, then what on earth compels you to let EVERY person that remotely relates to a person's game/series/movie/whatever that it was terrible and imply they're dumb for liking it.

"My Sci-fi is better than your Sci-fi" is the height of parody.