These days, so many movies and TV shows are sequels, or new versions of things we loved in the past. And they tie themselves in knots trying to live up to the legacy of what's gone before. Which franchise movie or TV show would be better if it was just a brand new standalone thing?

This came up in our discussions of the new Robocop, which everyone agrees would be better if it was just a brand new property called Tactical Defender or something — instead of having to be compared to the 25-year-old original. So what other TV shows or movies does this apply to?

Please include a picture or clip of the movie or TV show (or comic!) that should have been a fresh start instead of a continuation. And please mention the name, and why it should have been its own animal. Thanks!

Top image: Caprica, which could have been a cool show about A.I. instead of a BSG prequel.