What Food Is Your Locale (Justifiably) Famous For?

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Today most kinds of foods are available most places — but even so, every place still has something that do just that much better than anywhere else. Tell us in the comments where you are and about a regional dish that you either can’t, or shouldn’t, sample anywhere else.


Be sure to tell us what’s in the dish, how it’s made, and — most importantly — how it tastes.

Image: Houtou / Greenland4.

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I’m Scottish, so there’s a choice of:


Irn Bru


Deep fried everything


However, if you are not Scottish (or have not lived here), you may have missed out on possibly the greatest foodstuff in the history of creation; the “square sausage” (also known as the Lorne Sausage).

Best served on a lazy weekend morning, on a crisp buttered morning roll, with some brown sauce.