What Fashions Surprised You By Coming Back?

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Fashion is cyclical. Like a zombie, a trend rarely dies without its reanimated corpse popping back up for a second round — and sometimes you're around for it both times. Today we want to know about the fashion trends that passed out of your life, and then showed up again.


Tell us what the trend was in the comments. Were you happy to see it again or did you dread it? Did you wear it, either the first, the second, or both times? Pictures too, please!

Image: Tom Spilsbury.

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Guard Llama

Giant Freaking Glasses

The first time I saw someone with these on back in 08' I was all HAHA look at this tool. Then before you know it everyone had these things on their faces. Even people who don't wear prescriptions were buying fake ones at American Apparel. Whatevs, as long as Jnco Jeans never see the light of day again I'm cool with whatever fashion comes back around.