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What exactly did David say to [REDACTED] in Prometheus?

Illustration for article titled What exactly did David say to [REDACTED] in emPrometheus/em?

There are a lot of unresolved questions surrounding Prometheus, but now there's one less. Spoilers ahead.


In the scene where David addresses the remaining Engineer, he talks in an unfamiliar language that we later learned was a combination of real languages. And now, that bit of conversation has been translated.


The Bioscopist notes that when David is learning the "building blocks" of language, a hologram appears to teach him Proto-Indo European Linguistics. The man in that hologram is Dr. Anil Biltoo of the University of London. The Bioscopist located Biltoo and acquired this translation:

Here's the line that David speaks to the Engineer, and the consultant's translation of it:

/ida hman?m a? kja nam?tuh zd?:taha/…/gh??vah-pjorn-?ttham sas da:t? kredah/

A serviceable translation into English is:

"This man is here because he does not want to die. He believes you can give him more life."

Biltoo also revealed that there was a much longer conversation filmed that was eventually cut for the final edit. But we will have to wait for the DVD to see if Ridley Scott decides to include it among the director's cut or deleted scenes.

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SO this infuriates me. I have been believing that David said something to the Engineer that would betray the humans, and would legitimately cause him to become angry at us.

The Engineer had just seen a woman obviously in distress, and then an act of violence committed upon her by a guard, two things a being probably doesn't want to awaken to after a millennia of sleep.

Now to find out that David is just asking for eternal life for his master, and THIS sets off the engineer? These creator-beings get so pissed off that they kill everyone in the room when their creation asks for eternal life?

That strikes me as petulant. NOT the actions of wise creators.