What Europe Will Look Like If Its Separatists Get Their Way

As Scottish voters head to the polls in its historic referendum, the European Free Alliance has put together this map showing what would happen if every single separatist movement managed to break free.

Don't laugh — as the New York Times reported earlier this week, Scotland's vote could rekindle other separatist movements. The European Free Alliance (EFA) is a political party that would very much like to see this happen. It consists of various regionalist parties advocating for either full political independence or some form of devolution (or increased self-governance) for their country or region.


Here's their vision for "building another Europe — the Europe of the Peoples."

Click to embiggen.

If you find this map difficult to read or confusing, there's an excellent interactive map here. I also found this on Wikipedia, a list of its current members:


H/t Business Insider!

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