We've watched the trailers for Pixar's upcoming cute-bot movie Wall-E a zillion times, but we still had lingering questions. Like, why is Wall-E so alone at the start of the movie? What happened to all the other robots? Is Wall-E really as nice as he seems, or is there a hidden sociopathic side to the postapocalyptic robot? And a few other questions that we won't mention, for fear of spoilering people who've avoided even the first trailer. Anyway, a new featurette answers a lot of our questions with some narration by director Andrew Stanton, and also shows off a decent amount of footage we haven't seen before.

I really like the notion that Wall-E's crush on Eve, the far more advanced robot, forces her to evolve and become more self-aware. That could actually be cool to watch. And then Wall-E's quest somehow "reboots" the human race? It definitely seems like a more ambitious storyline than the Toy Story movies. [Slashfilm]

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