As is his wont, Christopher Nolan's been close-lipped about what happens in his next film Interstellar. But now there's a free game based on it available at the official website, and it reveals a tiny bit more about the film.

In a neat bit of marketing, Interstellar's made a game that combines a planet maker with a space shuttle simulator. That's my creation above, with io9 as the sun and all our subsites as its planets. Toybox ended up weirdly dark, but Observation Deck is HUGE.

The rest of the game lets you explore the universe in what we can only assume is similar to how Matthew McConaghey's Cooper and Anne Hathaway's Brand will in the movie. The use of a wormhole to find a habitable planet, and the arrival at a snowy one, are some of the very few details we've been able to glean about Christopher Nolan's super-secret project.

The game has wormholes, like the one we've heard is the impetus behind the space travel in the film. In fact, the game's animation for it looks like the same footage that in the trailers. And we get a ship that looks like the one in the film, and by customizing, learn more about how the one in the film will work:


So we've got fuel pods and solar energy and "pods" for engines and navigation. The game also lets you conserve fuel by trying to slingshot around the sun. Could that be another thing we'll see happen in the film?

There's a fair amount of realistic physics involved in the Interstellar game: orbits, gravity wells, solar power, etc. This shouldn't be a surprise to anyone after my disastrous attempts to fly like a pterosaur, but it turns out I'm also a shitty space pilot. I crashed into the sun during the tutorial a lot.


Watch the trailer for the game below, and let us know how it goes for you. Spot any new information?