What Does the Return of a Major Villain Mean for Arrow?

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Yet another familiar face may be joining the cast of Captain America 3. Joseph Gordon-Levitt talks up Rian Johnson's plans for Star Wars Episodes VIII and IX. Watch a new Hobbit clip. See a new look at Helena Bonham Carter as the Fairy Godmother in Cinderella. And Sleepy Hollow finds its Thomas Jefferson. Spoilers now!

Top image: Captain America

Captain America: Civil War

Spanish sites Cinemex and elmulticine are reporting that Maria Hill (Cobie Smulders) will follow up her appearance in Age of Ultron with one in the third Captain America film — which, given the plotline being adapted in that film, wouldn't be a huge surprise. However, as a Comic Book Movie commenter brought up, Smulders recently announced her pregnancy, which could determine the size and scope of her role in that film, which begins filming in April, 2015. [Comic Book Movie]


Star Wars

We're not even a week from the release of the teaser trailer and we're already seeing rumors about when the full trailer will premiere. Slashfilm's been told that the trailer will be attached to Avengers: Age of Ultron. Which, of course, makes a ton of sense: It's a giant film, the two franchises share a parent company, and it's about eight months out from the Force Awakens release date. [Slashfilm]

During his Reddit AMA, Joseph Gordon-Levitt indicated that he's seen some of Rian Johnson's plans for Episodes VIII and IX:

Rian has become one of my dearest friends, so I'm biased, but I feel enormously privileged to have worked on the first movie of a filmmaker who, I feel, is as great as any of our generation. PS – Episode 8 & 9 are going to be… I can't even say how good I think they're gonna be…


[Reddit via Slashfilm]


Joseph Gordon-Levitt also commented on the progress of Sandman, saying:

Been doing a lot of work with David Goyer and Jack Thorne, working on the screenplay. We've been doing our meetings at the DC office, which is a frickin rad place to work. Also just had a great conversation last week with David and Mr. Gaiman. Neil has been extremely big hearted with me, and he's the one I want to please most.


Jack Thorne, of course, was the creator of the British TV series The Fades, and was announced as the writer of Sandman last spring. [Reddit via Slashfilm]

Universal Monster Movies

Jay Basu (Monsters: Dark Continent) is the latest writer to join Universal's writers room set-up for the franchise. [Deadline]


Source Code 2

The sequel to Source Code is getting ready for production, with Anna Foerster reportedly tapped to direct. [Variety]



Here's a character poster for Helena Bonham Carter's Fairy Godmother. [Pop Sugar]


The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies

Here's a clip featuring Thranduil (Lee Pace), Gandalf (Ian McKellen), and Bilbo (Martin Freeman). [via Coming Soon]


Manu Bennett (Deathstroke) will reappear in episode 3.14. Whether that's in a flashback, in the A.R.G.U.S. cell we last saw him in, as an escapee — or if his return will coincide with the return of the show's take on the Suicide Squad — we don't yet know. [MTV]


The Walking Dead

Andrew Lincoln echoed everyone else's statements that the second half of season five is going to be very different from the first half, while adding that the writers have done a great job of balancing a new set of characters with the old ones:

And certainly it's worth saying that episode 9 is one of the great episodes we've ever done. And 10 is the episode I always wanted to make. And then we do something very, very different in the back half, but believe me when I say it comes full circle and I think the back eight is some of the most interesting storytelling we've ever done on this show. It's so exciting to do. It's been scary, but also it's been thrilling because it's so different.

... We also introduce a lot of new characters in this back eight, and Scott and the writers have done a tremendous job of servicing maybe 24 principal characters. It's been an astonishing feat from their end as well. But I do have to say that losing Emily — it was so painful on so many levels. I adore the girl. I think she's amazing. We lost the voice, her song. And after her having such a tremendous episode that she led in in episode 4 to not even get the chance… I mean, I had three or four seconds to act with her and then she was taken away. It's just cruel, this job, man. It's just cruel.


[Entertainment Weekly]


Steven Weber will guest-star in the new show, appearing in at least two episodes as a "charismatic CEO of an energy drink company." [Entertainment Weekly]


Sleepy Hollow

Fear not, Steven Weber fans, iZombie will not be your only chance to see him on TV in 2015: Weber will also be playing Thomas Jefferson when the show returns. [TV Line]


Agent Carter

Marvel's announced that Agent Carter's January 6th premiere will be two hours long. [Comic Book.com]


The Vampire Diaries

At the link is an exclusive clip of Elena talking to Jeremy about Bonnie. [MTV]

Here's an inside look with the producers at "I Alone":

Once Upon a Time

Go here for photos from episode 4.11. [TV Line]

At the links are more set photos of Cruelle de Vil's car (the Panther De Ville) and of Cruella and Usula. [YVR Shoots, YVR Shoots]


The 100

At the link is a clip showing Clarke deciding to head back to Mount Weather. [TV Guide]



Go here for more photos from episode 2.09, "Aftermath." [SpoilerTV]


Beauty and the Beast

Episode 3.07 will be called "Both Sides Now" and episode 3.09 will be called "Can't Be Our Problem Anymore." [SpoilerTV]


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