Publisher's Weekly has published the first (and slightly spoilerific) review of A Dance with Dragons.

The general vibe of the review is positive, but it suggests that the novel has the same 'feel' as A Feast for Crows, despite more important events due to the book's focus on more popular and plot-centric characters like Tyrion, Jon and Daenerys.


The biggest complaint - though one we already knew about - is that the book leaves things teetering on the brink for the sixth volume which, of course, is years away from publication.

Given that no ARCs are being published for the novel, it is unclear how many more reviews we will see before the book's publication in five and a half weeks.

UPDATE: Lev Grossman (of The Magicians fame) has also just Tweeted that he is reading ADWD now and "It's great." He'll be writing a review for TIME Magazine.


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