What Does Superman Vs. Batman Tell Us About The Justice League Movie?

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So, now we know that the upcoming Justice League movie is going to pick up right where 2016's Superman Vs. Batman leaves off — but just what details about both movies can we take from that piece of information?


In response to the news that not only would the Justice League movie be in the same universe as Batman Vs. Superman, but that the tie movies would tie together directly, a conversation began about what that might look like:


So what you're reeealllly trying to say is that, instead of getting a good well fleshed out story in SM vs BM they are going to spent half the move introducing like 6 other characters to setup JLA and then in JLA they are going to spend have the movie putting them all together..........good luck with that.


And it could get a little tricky, narrative-wise, if they leave SvB a cliffhanger for a movie which, at best, would be out around three years later.

Do they expect Arrow and Flash to pick up the pieces on TV in that time (if they even bother tying the shows to the films) with no explanation for why none of those other heroes they just showed everyone are seemingly doing anything?

Steven Simmons

I really assume its just the prologue for the JL film. I don't expect it to be better than Iron Man 2 in action, muddled subplots, etc.


Maybe they'll use Animal House type ending captions to help set up things for JLA saving valuable exposition time to focus on the S vs. B stuff.


I don't get that vibe at all. I think what will happen is that they'll all meet or be brought together at the end of the film. If it's a 2.5 hour film then you can probably dedicate 2.25 hours to the main storyline of Supes/Bats and Luthor.


The others will be seen and maybe have some interaction with the Trinity. They will reveal themselves either before or after the final battle at which time they will resolve to band together. The events in this movie will reveal a bigger plot that will be tackled in the next movie. This is probably the best they can do without having to make multiple setup movies like Marvel.


Actually, more likely is they spend 2 hours establishing the relationship between Batman and Superman and in the last 5 minutes we see all of the JL together.


Of course, given that we haven't actually seen either movie yet, it's pretty early to start figuring out exactly how they'll link up, although it's still fun to speculate. What do you think? Are we looking at a quick cameo or can we expect to see a little more of the Justice League in Batman Vs. Superman?

Tell us your early theories — and just how well you think they'll play out — in the comments.

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I'm expecting Green Lantern all over again.

Think about it - Green Lantern was DC's attempt at copying the success of Iron Man. SO they made a movie about a character that had the same personality as Tony STark, with a love interest that has the same personality as Pepper Potts, filled the movie with fan-friendly Easter Eggs, put a lot of "cool" CGI in it, and added a post-credit scenes teasing a sequel. And then it failed. Why? Because it copied all the surface elements, but had none of the soul. The post-credit scene was especially atrocious - it made no sense in the context of the movie, and skipped a lot of character development necessary to get to this point just to get a fangasm.

So I'm expecting SvsB to be the same - it will have all the icing of the Avengers, but no cake inside.