Here's a new clip from the upcoming episodes of Battlestar Galactica — with the good part blanked out. If you want to spend even more time obsessing about the identity of the final Cylon, then a new Sci Fi Channel site is for you. Called You Will Know The Truth, the site is posting one clue per day to BSG's remaining mysteries. So far, it's been pretty tame stuff, except for one potentially spoilery pic, which is below.

This could be the offspring of Tigh and the Caprica Six, or it could mean that the last Cylon has made a Cylon baby? Or something else? The other potentially spoilery bit on the new site is a sound file showing Kara making a shocking discovery. (Which I'm just guessing is her own dead body in a crashed bird.) The good news is, the clues seem to be getting juicier day by day. [You Will Know The Truth]