Long before George R.R. Martin wrote the groundbreaking novel A Game of Thrones, he was the showrunner on the classic 1980s-1990s Beauty and the Beast TV show, with Ron Perlman and Linda Hamilton. And now, The CW is launching a brand new Beauty, which is ostensibly based on the version Martin helped to craft.

We caught up with Martin a while back and asked him what he thought of the fact that there were two Beauty and the Beast shows in the pipeline. He said:

I know that one is allegedly based on our show that I worked on, the CBS show created by Ron Koslow. And one of them is based on the classic fairytale, with castles and the French countryside and so forth, so I guess that's based on the Disney movie, although a live-action thing. So they'll be very different in tone. Everything I hear about the show that's based on the show that I worked on indicates that it's really not going to be very close to the show I worked on. It's going to be significantly different in virtually all respects.