What does anger look like? Creepy, ghostly stick figures

Anger carries a lot of baggage. Musical tones, color schemes, physical sensations, and words can all convey this emotion, and the pictures above are compilations of people's feelings of rage.

The far left is a strip of colors that people associated with anger, with the thickest bands representing the most popular colors and the thinnest showing the least. The figure just to the right is a scribble-drawing composite of many people's sketches depicting where they felt anger — this is followed by a drawing of where they felt anger when they could only express it as a single point. The last is a line drawing of the "direction" that they felt anger moving through them.


These were all compiled by Orlagh O'Brien for a project titled "Emotionally Vague." People were given pictures of human figures and asked questions about the "movement" of different emotions. They were also given a color chart, and asked to write down which colors they associate with each emotion. Lastly, they were asked to associate words with each emotion. Over 250 people from 35+ countries between the ages of 6-75 participated. The compilation of all of this data was put into charts and pictures, like the ones above. To see the complete results — which include anger, joy, fear, sadness, and love — visit the Emotionally Vague site.

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