There's a new two-faced character in the world, and he's a lot cuddlier than Aaron Eckhart. Newborn Janus cat Harvey Dent has four eyes, two noses, two mouths, and one appropriate name.

Little Harvey was born in this week in Port Charlotte, Fla. Janus cats are frequently plagued with health issues, which can be especially pronounced if the cat has a duplicated esophagus. Fortunately, all of Harv's duplicated parts seem to be working, and he has a role model for the long-lived Janus: Frank and Louie, the 12-year-old two-faced cat who was recently won a spot in the Guinness World Records. Still, the owners are continuing monitor him for health problems, even as neighbors are complaining that their "abomination" of a black cat should be put down.


I believe in Harvey Dent. We're pulling for you, little guy.

Sad edit: Apparently, poor Harv passed away yesterday from complications. Thanks to Laura for the update.


[via The Daily What]