What do real-life sea voyagers love about Firefly?

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Life on a Firefly class vessel can be a lot like life at sea, which probably helps explain the show's significant following throughout the world of ocean science. Over on Deep Sea News, marine biologist Miriam Goldstein educates us landlubbers on the top ten reasons those familiar with the ocean foster an especially deep love for Whedon's space Western, drawing parallels between the show and reality that manage to expose insightful information about both. For instance:

Quarters are tight, but your berth is your castle. This is where you can relax, surrounded by comforting objects, whether they are trashy novels, music, guns, or that purty purty dress... Frankly, Serenity‘s cabins are nicer than most research vessels [we at Deep Sea news have] been on –- private and with their own toilets! Pretty appealing after sharing a cabin so tight that you and your roommate can't stand up at the same time. Also, sharing a very very small room means that you best be careful when it's time to "be in your bunk."


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Foohy -- *chirp* *chirp*

All the personal touches in the Serenity are great. Really made the show. If I ever become absurdly rich one day, I fully plan on building and living in a remade scale interior of the Serenity. The outside wouldn't look like the ship; just the interior.