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Not everything that is great is great forever. Just because we love something now doesn't mean we'll still have the same affection for them in 10 years — if we have any affection for them at all. For instance, I've been really enjoying The Walking Dead for a while now... but I suspect it's a show I'll only enjoy for now.


The Walking Dead has had a great many problems despite being an insane ratings juggernaut, but since Scott Gimple took over as showrunner in season 4, the series has gotten on track and had me genuinely excited to tune in week after week, as you can see in my recaps. But when I think about TWD, I have a difficult time imagining rewatching them in the future. Partially because of the extremely rough earlier seasons that I have no desire to sit through, but also because I get the feeling that the show's relentless bleakness and moral tightrope-walking would get really goddamned annoying if watched in more than one-hour chunks per week.

So what do people love that you think future audiences might scoff at? What books, movies, and TV shows will completely fail the test of time? Let us know in the comments — but make sure to explain why, because otherwise you're just complaining.


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