What do Istanbul and Deep Space Nine have in common?

Well, I'll tell you. Istanbul and Deep Space Nine have two things in common: 1) they both have alternate names — in Istanbul's case, it used to be called Constantinople, while in Deep Space Nine's case, it originally happened to be called Terok Nor — and 2) they both have songs about these name changes, the first being "Istanbul (Not Constantinople)" so famously covered by They Might Be giants, and, thanks to the Trek-themed band Roddenberries, "Deep Space Nine Was Once Terok Nor." TMBG's version is pretty well-known, but if the Roddenberries' version (which begins at about 2:20 in the above video) isn't quite as familiar to you, the lyrics are below. Thanks to Scott for the tip!

Deep Space Nine Was Once Terok Nor
Now It's Deep Space Nine not Terok Nor
Many Stardates Gone Since Ol Terok Nor
Saw Cardassian Blows On A B'Joran "nose"

Every Gorn That Lives On Terok Nor,
Knows Its Deep Space Nine, Not Terok Nor
So If You Plan To Blow-Up Terok Nor
You'd Better Start At Deep Space Nine.

Even The Klingon Race
Once Had No Ridges On Their Face
Why They Changed It I Can't Say
Its Too Late TO Ask Gene Roddenberry

So Take ME Back To OL Terok Nor
No You Can't Go Back To OL Terok Nor
Now It's Deep Space NIne
Not Terok Nor
Why'd The Name Terok Nor Never Work?
The Klingons Accuse Captain KIRK!

In Mr. Spock's First Draft
He Was Half-Martian And He Laughed
And No. 1 Was A Chick
I Swear Its True
But Don't Ask Pike - He Just Beeps At You

Take Me Back In Time To Terok Nor
There's A Wormhole There
What The Fuck IS IT For?
Now Its Deep Space Nine
Not Terok Nor
There's NO Blood-Wine There For You Or Me
... and The Kilngons Accuse The Ferenghi


Rob Bricken

So, wait. Are you guys implying that Deep Space Nine was named Terok Nor in the original Trek universe, and not just in the Mirror universe or something?

I kid, I kid. I'll fix it.