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What Did You Think Of Avatar?

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By now a lot of you have seen Avatar - so what did you think? Did it live up to the hype? Were the blue people sexy? Did you like the 3D?


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Avatars - LMAO! Loves it!

Cameron has said before that this movie was only about 2/3 of his original script. A sequel is inevitable so the lack of resolution at the end was about on par with Empire Strikes Back, which back in 1980 I didn't know was part 2 of 3.

I gave this 8 out of 10. The hackneyed characters with paper thin motivations and little internal conflict were major downers especially since there was ample time for it in an almost 3 hour movie. It's Dances With Blue Kittens and that's OK. I just wish we had more complex characterizations and plot.

The science used was OK, an attempt to keep it from looking too future-y I thought. Complaining it looked to contemporary discounts several realities that I imagine Cameron took into account in the back story - the military recycles everything until well after it expired. This "company" I'm sure was interested in cutting costs and thought that military personnel didn't warrant top shelf products. Bullets have been around for over a thousand years so moving 150 years into the future and still finding them is not that far of a stretch.

Do you people understand that 3/4 of this movie doesn't exist in the real world yet every scene involved real actors doing real things? That it's not just CGI or animation but a wholly rendered new reality based on the real world. The effect is called "emotion capture" and yes, it will revolutionize movies the same way Titanic and T:2 did. Of course it's cost prohibitive now for others to copy it, as were the tech innovations of Cameron's previous two movies which now are common place.

I can separate my reaction to the story - meh - from the movie - WOW! A lot of people like Armageddon, Independence Day, Transformers, Day After Tomorrow, Deep Impact, Star Wars prequals - all of which I think totally suck donkey balls. But they sure do look fantastic and I can appreciate that!

And for chrissake people - PG-13 means if you are under 13 then you should NOT see the movie. Quit your complaining about how this is not a kid's movie. It was never a kid's movie. The fact it's shiny and includes blue kittens and you're 8-year-old wants to see it does NOT mean you should let him/her.

Yes there was an enormous amount of violence in this movie but very little blood was shed on screen. That is this the qualifier for R-rating. And the one and only sex scene was tepid - another major qualifier for an R. However I thought it interesting that the MPAA's new rule on cigarette smoking was ignored (immediate R-rating supposedly).