What did comic book conventions look like 23 years ago?

With WonderCon next week, let's take a stroll down memory lane and check out some retro tableaus from the 1988 WonderCon.


This footage — which includes such comic luminaries as Stan Lee, Tom DeFalco, and Will Eisner — was cataloged by YouTube user Joe Field, who has several more videos of the 1988 WonderCon. For more looks at fandom before the internet, here are some scenes from the New York Anime Club in the 1980s and a snapshot of the 1973 New York Star Trek convention.


[Via Nerdcore]

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Their program was done by the people who did Animag! I remember Animag! For those of you whippersnappers too young to remember conventions in 1988, you would buy anime on bootleg VHS tapes, and there were no subtitles or anything. Animag was a magazine that specialized in scene by scene summaries of popular anime episodes and movies, with the intention that you could understand the gist of the conversations when you watched the untranslated anime. That's how real men watched anime! With no freaking idea what was going on!

Now get off my lawn!