What Dark Pact Are These Cats Preventing?

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Illustration: Josef Jakub Toužimský/British Library (Fair Use)
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The Cat Council only convened in the darkest of times, for they were catkind, and it was their duty to act. But will their feline magicks stem the tide, or are they here to usher in a new age of chaos? Come tell us.


Why yes, it’s a Concept Art Writing Prompt! We’re looking to bring back our formerly-regular dives into the world of creative writing, cool concept art, and other oddities. And what better way to be back than with a question of cats? This particular trio of cantrip-casting kitties is from Na úsvitě nové doby. Dějiny roku 1848. v zemích českých, by Josef Jakub Toužimský, courtesy of the British Library’s ever-excellent public domain Flickr archive. Get on into the comments and weave a tale about just what these cool cats are up to!

Concept artists, want your work featured on io9 for a concept art writing prompt? Email us at tips@io9.com, with the subject line “Concept art writing prompt.” The Cat Council would appreciate it, as would we!

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