What Country Best Represents the Future?

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Back in the early 1990s, there was a popular idea in the United States that Japan represented the future. With its booming economy and sophisticated tech industry, the country seemed poised to become the next great superpower. But when the Asian bubble burst, science fiction writers and futurists imagined China as the next great nation, or possibly India. Previous generations cast Brazil and the Soviet Union as the futuristic centers of the world. Today, it's not clear what countries will lead the Earth to the next level — or down a path to authoritarianism or stateless chaos.


What country do you think best represents the future? Vote in our poll.


Tell in comments what decided your vote. Was it the political or economic aspect of the nation, or its social and cultural life? Did you want to vote for a country that wasn't on the poll? Why?

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Oh, US, really, voters?! I think China has great potential to be civilization leading today's humanity in some sort of future whatever this may look like.