Scan the latest Lost image for clues to the final season. Is Locke's place setting him up as, "He who will save us all?" Or is it just a copy of the infamous BSG portrait?

The picture was released in Us Weekly Magazine. At first glance it looks like just another promo still with no real meaning, especially since the cast members aren't posing in any significant manner.


But what does interest us is the inclusion of Ilana into the frame, over all the other new characters. This seems to reaffirm our suspicions, among many, that Ilana will have a much larger part in the final season. We really can't wait to see what her link to Jacob is, and get more information about her secret club, and possible parallels with ancient Egypt.

That being said, this isn't the first time our favorite shows and movies have recreated Leonardo da Vinci's paintings. In fact, BSG did an entire video breakdown of their Battlestar Supper, which turned out to be loaded with clues. Here are a few of our more recent favorite recreations.


[via Docratz]

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