What Character Did You Hate... Until They Turned Unexpectedly Badass?

Science fiction and fantasy are full of characters who seem useless, good only for weak comedy or weaker "audience identification." But it only takes one great "fuck yeah" moment to change a character from "waste of space" to "all-time favorite." Which character annoyed you, until they suddenly revealed how badass they could be?

Please include a picture, poster, book cover, comics panel, piece of art, clip or other visual representation of this character. And please mention his/her name, and the TV show, book, comic or movie where he/she appears. And the moment of ass-kickery that changed your mind. Thanks!


Top image: The definitive example, Wesley Wyndham Pryce, who was really sort of a third wheel on Angel. Until he finally grew some stubble and found his tough streak.

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