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What character are you embarrassed that you love?

Illustration for article titled What character are you embarrassed that you love?

We all have one: a character from an otherwise great piece of media who is obnoxious or horrible in some way. Is there a character that you don't usually admit to liking? Confess your terrible character love here. We'll understand.


Up top is one of my characters that I love, and I'm horribly embarrassed about it: Misa Amane from Death Note. She's vapid, in total puppy love with Light (who treats her like garbage), and any cunning she has is used in his murderous service. Plus, she's inappropriately bubbly amidst the brave and serious policemen in her company. But I adore her. I even have a little Misa bobblehead doll.

There, I feel better. Who is next?

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Not embarrassed. Fauxlivia.

OTC: I asked this earlier and got a few responses on Kotaku. What's an anime that has a similar theme to Death Note? I finally watched it, in 2 days, and loved it. What I'm looking for is an anime wherein the protagonist receives a power and must deal with the morality of using it. Some suggestions were 'Monster' and 'Code Geass' but I didn't find their premises that intriguing.

*Spoiler Alert

I also loved Misa Misa. I was sad to find out that she died, although she did commit some evil acts. Before the Death Note corrupted her, she was truly innocent and pure yet she was treated like shit throughout the series.