Are our brains still evolving? How do we sequence genomes to figure that out? Is technology changing the way our brains evolve? Now you can get the answers from Rob DeSalle, an evolutionary biologist.

DeSalle is a curator at New York's American Museum of Natural History and a researcher at the Sackler Institute for Comparative Genomics. He tells io9 about the recent AMNH exhibit about the brain (we interviewed DeSalle at the opening for that exhibit, about the most common misconception people have about evolution), then explains how the brain is evolving and shows us around his genome-sequencing lab. There's a great moment where he speculates about how technology might be pushing our brains to evolve in new directions, because it's providing a new environment and thus new selection pressures.


This interview was conducted by Gaby Darbyshire, and directed by Matt Toder. Many thanks to the AMNH. Look for our other videos in the Hardcore Science Interview series, and visit the AMNH to see their new exhibit, "World's Largest Dinosaurs."