Not content with sharing comic covers with Spider-Man, Barack Obama is now being called America's "Last Action Hero" and given tips about being a better superhero. Has this preemptive hero worship finally gone too far?

Variety's Peter Bart is the one who wants to see the President-Elect in tights:

Everything Obama unveils carries the message: Transformative. Well, almost everything. Insiders point to the dominance of the Clinton fraternity among Obama appointees. To gain a Bush appointment you had to be a campaign contributor, but to gain the Obama inner circle you have to be either a Clintonite — or a Clinton.

Of course, the new president has told us not to focus on the appointees themselves, but on the man who's running things: The Last Action Hero.

If Barack Obama is going to bring this off, perhaps he should take note of a few of the traits of the superhero fraternity.


Amongst the advice Bart thinks that Obama should take from superheroes is an ability to swing from problem to problem like Spider-Man, and have a strong moral compass like Iron Man (which really leads me to wonder what Iron Man movie Bart watched last year). But most interestingly of all is this snippet:

We can skip "Superman." His outfit is a bit embarrassing and his ambiguities toward women keep getting in the way.

Superman has ambiguities towards women, but Iron Man has a strong moral compass? It's like Bart took a vacation in Wrong and can't quite shake it all out've his system.


Image from Captain Obama.

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