There are some books that we can't wait to see as movies, and then there are some that we really only want to see unspool across seasons on television. Which are the book series that you hope to see make it to the little screen, but not to the theater?

Responding to reluctance for a Sandman movie adaptation, commenter falseprophet suggested that a TV series could be a much better fit for the series:

Right there with you. If there's any comic that screams TV series—and ideally anthology like American Horror Story—it's Sandman. What's a movie going to do? Probably adopt Brief Lives or The Kindly Ones, but since there's going to be at least $100 million budget behind this, they'll make it an action-heavy "save the world" story. And you thought Constantine did injustice to the character.

(I actually think Constantine was a decent movie on its own merits, but it was horrible as a Hellblazer adaptation.)


So, what do you think? Tell us about some candidates that are just crying out for a series, but that you hope stay far away from the theater, in the comments now.