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Click to viewSo, now we kind of know what's going to happen to Batman and friends, post-Batman RIP. DC Comics Executive Editor Dan DiDio yesterday confirmed the much-rumored series Battle For The Cowl, which will feature various characters fighting over the legacy that Batman seems to have... well, left behind. And that's not the only new series he unveiled.Answering questions about the cancellation of "Batman family" titles Robin, Nightwing and Birds of Prey at Newsarama.com, DiDio said,

Needless to say, and to put everybody’s minds at ease, that does not mean we will no longer be telling stories with Barbra Gordon, Dick Grayson or Tim Drake. As a matter of fact, we’re about to increase the level of prominence they have and their importance within the Bat-universe, if people can believe that they can get even more important, which they will. And more importantly, they’re going to be featured prominently in a number of miniseries that will be following their cancellations. Tim and Dick are front and center in all that happens in Battle for the Cowl, and Barbra Gordon will be moving into an Oracle miniseries immediately following the cancellation of Birds of Prey.


DiDio also hinted that we'll finally see the long-coming Batwoman series at some point in 2009. But what will follow Battle for the Cowl? Current Batman writer Grant Morrison gave that away earlier in the week:

And then I go back in... It’s more the new status quo. It’ll be the new Batman, the new Robin. We’re going to see who those guys are.


Battle For The Cowl starts in early 2009. Dan DiDio: 20 Answers, 1 Question [Newsarama]

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Well, there goes the whole "Robin is the villain" possibility. Then again, that Robin above might be Damien, and not Tim.