What Are You Working On?

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Is it a collection of recipes for re-created fictional foods? A virology coloring book? A pod of tiny robot racers? Whatever it is, break it out, because it’s io9 show-and-tell time!


Drop a description of your latest side (or central?) project into the comments, along with a picture or two. Be sure to include some details about just what it is and how you pulled it off.

Sharers to the front, please!

Image: A still from a collection by commenter Norm the Alligator, from our last round of show-and-tell.

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After over a year of hard work, my comic books are now available on Comixology! I’m on the same shelf as the big boys, DC and Marvel!

Not giving links because there’s (a small amount of) money involved, and I don’t want to pimp my sales here. Just preening because it’s a lot of work and I’m proud of the result.