What Are You Reading This Summer?

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Stop making us covertly peer over your shoulder and just tell us already: What books are you reading this summer?


Gather up your recent reading list—both the books you’ve just finished as well as the ones that you have yet to crack—and tell us what they are, who wrote them, and what made you pick them up. If it’s a book you’ve already finished, share what you thought of them, or if you need a recommendation for the next book to read before the summer wraps up, ask away!

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I just powered through Naomi Novik’s Uprooted yesterday. I thought it was a lovely coming-of-age story, about a young woman who discovers she is a witch. I thought it was reminiscent of some of Robin McKinley’s work, for people who are interested in (YA) fantasy-romance.

Before that, I’d finally read William Gibson’s Neuromancer. I spent so much of that book not knowing what the hell was going on. There’s a lot of slang and techno-jargon. But it picked up in the second half, and I raced towards the end to find out what would happen.

Coming up soon is The Left Hand of Darkness. I know it’s another classic of science fiction. I’m usually hesitant to read such works because I fear their being dated. But a friend highly recommended it.