What Are You Reading?

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The weather’s warming and the pages are turning. To me, my summer reading lists!

What books have you been reading this summer? Fill us in on the details of your latest reads or your latest to-be-reads, and what you thought of them. Still looking for your next novel, biography, or DIY manual? Then ask for a recommendation now!


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Ravenous Sophovore

Just discovered John Scalzi; big thanks to the Sad and Rabid Puppies for pointing him out. You guys are good for something, anyway. I’m just beginning Old Man’s War.

I know, I should have known about him earlier, but I pay almost no attention to awards or best seller lists and instead rely on word of mouth for book recommendations, and apparently all my friends and family have missed him, too. I blame being emotionally scarred by too many “death by Newberry” books in my youth.