What Are You Doing to Distract Yourself This Week?

Every TV show should feature the characters starting a band.
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Let’s not beat around the bush: Today is tense. Plus, there’s no indication things are going to let up anytime soon. We’ve got to enjoy happiness where we can find it—so we want to know how you’re keeping things chill as we head into a long, long, long night...and possibly several more after that.


Leave a comment with how you’re keeping yourself calm, happy, or simply less “hair pull-out-y” during this potentially stressful week. Personally, I’ve been watching retro episodes of Sabrina the Teenage Witch and random musical numbers from some of my favorite shows and movies. Here at io9, we’ve also been trying to keep things chill with some blogs promoting the fun things in life. Here are some of the ones you can check out.


Of course, if what you’re really needing is a bit of liquid coping, we’ve got you covered for that too.


Happy Election Week, io9. We’ll see you here and on the other side.

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Arcanum Five

Abney Park has a new album, and it’s time for the annual viewing of V for Vendetta... although that one may not be that much of a distraction from deposing tyranny.

I may do the Hill House prequel on Netflix. I just finished Dark, so I need a new series.