You've gotta give it up for creative taxonomists β€” the scientists responsible for naming, and thereby classifying, newly discovered species. Without them, we'd never have species with names like the ant pictured above, who is named after a science fiction institution. (See if you can guess who it is β€” it's very subtle.)

Over at Deep Sea News, Miriam Goldstein is asking for people to list some of their other favorite scientific names:

Sure, the purpose of scientific names is to provide taxonomic clarity, but some of them just sound awesome. This post was inspired by the Australian crayfish, Cherax destructor, which sounds like a comic supervillian...Crepidula fornicata is simply descriptive at what those slipper shells of loose moral fiber spend their WHOLE LIVES doing, while Thetys vagina was clearly named by someone who'd spent a looooong time at sea. And I have a weakness for terrible puns – it was a sad day when the clam Abra cadabra was put into the genus Theora.


Tracking down punny scientific names is something of a time-honored tradition among the ranks of science geeks, so show us what you've got! Goldstein provides links to a few resources to get you started, so be sure to show her some love β€” in the meantime, here are a few of our favorites:

Ytu brutus (a beetle)
Ba humbugi (a snail)
Lalapa lusa (a wasp)
Vampiroteuthis infernalis (the vampire squid)
Leonardo davinci (a moth)
Orizabus subaziro (palindromic name for a spp of scarab beetle)
Abra cadabra (a clam)
Gelae baen, Gelae belae, Gelae donut, Gelae fish, and Gelae rol (all types of fungus beetle)


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