Sure, we keep hearing about Marvel's big Thor movie (Slated for 2011), but why is no-one talking about Captain America? What will the movie's plot end up being... and what could it tell us about the Avengers movie?

The First Avenger: Captain America is also aimed at a 2011 release (22 July, following Thor's May 20th release date), and Fangoria has let slip that the movie will start shooting in June next year, following Thor's principal shoot, which starts next month. We know that the movie will be directed by The Rocketeer's Joe Johnson and written by the team of Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely, probably best known for both Chronicles of Narnia movies, but beyond that, everything's been kept pretty much under wraps.


IMDB's plot synopsis just reiterates the character's origins during WWII, and it's a fair bet to assume that we'll see a lot of period action in Cap's solo movie. In fact, we're wondering if that's pretty much all we're going to see, because his arrival in the present day is so linked to Avengers lore to tell too much of that story without including the Avengers ahead of their own movie, which seems pretty unlikely. We already know that Avengers scriptwriter Zak Penn is a fan of Mark Millar's Ultimates retelling of Avengers history, so perhaps we should prepare for The First Avenger to repeat The Ultimates' first issue, which told the backstory of Captain America leading up to his accidental suspended animation, allowing for the Avengers movie to continue from that point, introducing him (and new viewers) to the characters from all the other movies who'll have teamed up to form Marvel's mega franchise.

Of course, we'll have to wait for casting announcements for the movie to start surfacing, allowing for more detailed and informed guesses as to what we're going to see during the First Avenger - not to mention what timeframe we're going to see it in - but don't be surprised if Marvel's 2011 movie slate will seek to expand the superhero genre in more epic, mythical directions (Thor) and more gritty, realistic "War Is Hell" ones at the same time.