What About That Lost Movie?

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People ask the strangest questions about One minute you've got a fan asking show creators Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse if bad boy Sawyer's need for glasses represents a spiritual journey for the character - and then you've got other fans who cut to the chase and ask when Lost is going to be a movie. At least there's a simple answer to question number two.


When Collider was at a round table that asked the creators when they would get cracking on the Lost movie:

Q: With the end of the series looming in 2010, is a feature film being considered at all?

A: Damon Lindelof: The answer, Brian, is no. At least not by us. We’ve always felt that the show should definitively end the same place it started… on television. To bring our characters to some sort of cliffhanger where the audience gets none of the answers that they really care about and then say, “Now give us ten bucks, buy some popcorn and we’ll give you the rest!” would pretty much be the worst thing ever.

Thank goodness, this show has no business on the big screen. It's be like trying to turn a 40-terabyte encyclopedia of mystery into a 3-hour tour.




Yeah but they should show the finale in select theaters.

That would be the best of both worlds.

I enjoyed seeing Razor [Battlestar Galactica] in the theater.