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What a trombonist's lips look like from inside the trombone

Trombonist David Finlayson gives us a very unusual perspective on his instrument and the human body with this video shot from inside a trombone. These lips belong to Peter Ellefson, a trombone professor at Indiana University, and was shot by Jay Bulen, a trombone professor at Truman State University. Together, these three trombonists help us see the workings of the human mouth as it labors to make music.


The music adds a bit of comedic effect, but it would be cool to see how the lips operate for different musical maneuvers. Perhaps we'll get to see something closer to the raw research video down the line.

Finlayson also shot this bit of video silliness; he mounted a camera on the slide of his trombone to give us a slide's eye view of his performance.


[via Improbable Research]

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I played the trombone for over a decade, and even I am grossed out by this. I don't like seeing someone's embouchure in action in real-time, much less slo-mo!

Brass instruments are pretty gross in general. What's next, a wondrous journey through the spit-valve?