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What a Trailer for 2001: A Space Odyssey Would Look Like Today

What if 2001: A Space Odyssey came out in 2012? Just how silly would the marketing campaign be?


The folks at Film School Rejects have recut the trailer for Stanley Kubrick's classic space movie, to appeal to modern audiences — and they kind of hit it out of the park. We're almost 100% sure that if a cerebral and hard-to-sell movie like 2001 was hitting the streets, this is the trailer that would be appearing before every action movie for a few months. [Film School Rejects]

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Corpore Metal

Well you know, despite the drum 'n bass and hyperkinetic jump cuts (That apparently modern audiences need to pay any fuckin' attention.), the promo is pretty much accurate. The other amazing thing is how well it all dates. Maybe just a shade too much greasy kid stuff in the hair but that's about it. The movie really dates very well, aside from the title that is.

But of course, all the shoot 'em up droolers in the audience would be profoundly disappointed with the actual film. They'd probably just fall asleep or shout questions at it "What does that mean?! Will something please just happen?!"

And I say all this as the hugest fan of 2001 there ever was. Really it's the best science fiction movie ever made. Full stop.